The Transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller wrote "Summer on the Lakes, In 1843" as an account of her journey from New England to the Midwest and as arecord of her reactions to her experiences. Niagara is the first chapter of the book, and I constructed three presentations of it. I printed and hand-bound each book, illustrated with my own images, and each is housed in an embellished box made of binders board.

The second chapter of "Summer on the Lakes, In 1843" is called The Lakes, and Margaret Fuller describes her trip from Buffalo to Chicago. As with Niagara, I transcribed the text, printed it with original images, and bound two versions of the chapter. Each is contained in a hand-made box, also embellished and illustrated

Coming soon: "Wrecked by Moonlight," a new book of poems and images by Eugenie Torgerson